Ecclésia NYC    /    a Christian church in New York City
On February 23rd, 2013, we held a worship night at New York University. The theme for our worship time together was "Anthems of Love." Our heart for this time was to worship God extravagantly in response to the love He has poured out over our lives. In the weeks leading up to the night, we featured a song each Sunday evening with corresponding content that expresses the heart of this theme. We invite you to continue listen to the songs and to join us as we worship together. May the "Anthems of Love" arise from our hearts as we are drawn into God's song of everlasting love and kindness.
It's the song that resonates beyond any other, rising triumphant, resounding of everlasting victory. The Father's heart, God's anthem of love over us. Oh, how we love to hear and be in the rhythm of His song! In response to the Father's song, new songs begin to arise, overflowing from a heart immersed in His love. Oh, we can't stop singing! These songs burst forth from our hearts, our lives - uncontainable.
Anthems of love.